Conjuring the Elements


This is an approach to the traditional Wiccan calling of the elements, sans all causal forms—that is, it uses no words, no symbols, no forms or anything of that nature. It relies entirely on one’s fluency with energy, how well developed the astral senses are, and an empathy with the elements and with Nature—nothing that can be obtained from a book or some religion. This is just the basic outline, and it assume one will have the skill to know what to do with it all.

Enter a deep trance.

Facing east – Imagine yourself weightless, floating in the sky. Breathe in the air element for 4 breaths.

Facing south – Imagine yourself on fire, feeling the heat of the flames all over. Breathe in the fire element for 4 breaths.

Facing west – Imagine yourself underwater, feeling the coldness of the water. Breathe in the water element for 4 breaths.

Facing north – Imagine yourself underground, feeling the dense gravity of the earth. Breathe in the earth element for 4 breaths.

Now imagine yourself in the center of an infinite and eternal space. There is no above or below or sideways. This boundless sea of energy is ultraviolet, similar to the color of a black light. Breathe in this energy for 11 breaths, filling your entire being with it.

After this, any kind of magick is possible. One may begin to direct the energies raised toward some desire, or direct it toward the opening of a physical gateway to the spirit realm, or one may store it in a crystal, or simply store it within themselves.