Starting Fresh

It has been some time since I’ve written anything and a lot has happened. Experiences were had, and it took me some time to work through it all. But through it all it has led to certain insights into myself and others and what my purpose really is. And now, here, I start a new chapter.

Pathei-mathos means we learn through experience: through our successes, through our failures, and through the insights attained by the same. We repeat this process of experiential learning, again and again, for as long as we are able to, as a process of a greater anados: a personal lifelong journey toward alchemical change from one type of being to another. It does not mean we get hung up on the past, but use our experiences as a segue into an inner change–and that in itself does not mean we live without regrets, but rather allow the anguish caused by such experience to change us. It is something we have to go through, again and again, experiencing the fullness of life in its highs and lows and thereby achieving a deeper insight into life. And unfortunately, screwing up terribly is a necessary part of the learning happens (the point is to not do so all the time).

Some things happen in our lives and they make us realize that the way we perceived a thing to be was not at all what we thought it was–in other words, we are flawed, capable of missing the point, of not apprehending the essence of things as they are beyond our own shitty projections, and as a result we have things happen to us that reveal the falseness of our way of being and how it does not reflect the character of someone with a true insight into the essence of things, as they are, and with a character that is noble and honorable. In other words, we expose our own selves, as frauds, as pretenders, as wannabes, as noobs, and so on and so forth. We’re made to realize, often painfully, that our understandings, our knowledge of things, is flawed and that such a flawed knowing may cause us to act in ways that are hubriatic, that cause harm to those who we love and cherish and bring shame to our person.

It is then when we gain an insight into the error of our ways, and if we have this capacity to take this bitter medicine we can move on to evolve a little bit from it. Beyond this, we must remember the greater cause we stand for before we even think of behaving like victims. As such, having exulted in life and lost much of what meant the most to me, I see now how short-sighted I’ve been in many ways and how insignificant it all is compared to the long-term goals inherent in the Sinister Way. And, as I revisit the MSS, I see new meanings in the light of the experiences and learnings I’ve gained over the last couple years. Now I just need to get back to the work of learning the Dark Arts in a real way, and before me I have the perfect opportunity to begin anew.

I have a plan laid out for the next span of causal time–how long it will take, I have no clue, but it will be at least a year, perhaps two. During this period I will work on accomplishing the beginning tasks of the Sevenfold Way. You read right, I’m starting all over, right down to Initiation. I feel like these past few years I’ve been doing it all wrong, being an O9A fake, so I’m going to start over. And I will begin with undertaking two predetermined insight roles back-to-back, with lifestyles diametrically opposite to each other. The nature of these insight roles, I will not disclose, just for obvious reasons. This is what Chloe (who happens to be a great inspiration to the author) would call the Ordeal of Extreme Unctions, I think. During this period I’ll also work on accomplishing two certain tasks relevant to the Septenary, so that all throughout I’m developing some of the rudiments of hebdomadry.

For the latter part of the insight role, which will be enacted in a specific rural location in the Southeast US, there is a hill that just so happens to be perfect for the performance of the Grade Ritual of External Adeptd. Living on the land as I do for the duration of of the insight role, I will perform workings there to empower this sort of proto-nexion–however given its location it will most likely be unsuitable as a permanent nexion (the temple should procure its own Lebensraum for this) or even as a consecrated space for the temple to gather. I have already visited this location several times and it will be effective as a temporary measure for my own use, certainly a good place to reside for a span of many months or years, but it will not help us with the goal of setting up an esoteric community.

Consider most of the stuff I wrote before this as obsolete, the reflection of someone who only had an intuitive apprehension of the dconcepts being described. Some of them are of some esoteric import, the others, just self-satisfied drivel, so exercise discernment when studying them. I will keep them here just for posterity’s sake Anything I write after this, consider it the reflections and musings of an initiate into the Sevenfold Way.

I will continue updating this blog and hope to write here more often.

Pendulum Training

The exercise with the pendulum is simple. Every evening spend some time–starting at ~5-10 minutes every evening and gradually increasing over time at a comfortable pace; never do it until you get tired–hold it in your writing hand and, gazing into the pendulum, will it to move nothing but sheer concentration. Be sure your hand is steady and that you are not simply subconsciously moving your hand slightly. The meditation in dead stillness will help with this. To further help with this you will want to work the pendulum up to a nice, broad swing, then make it stop, then change directions. For instance, start by making it move back and forth until it has a wide swing, then stop, then make it move from side to side. Or go clockwise, then pause, then counterclockwise. Experiment with this. Once you set your mind on making it move in a particular direction and in a particular manner, do not change your mind. Set your mind on one thing and do it.

Do this exercise with the dictum in mind that the observer is not separate from that which is observed. If necessary, gaze into the pendulum and imagine that you are inside of it, to the point where you actually **feel** as if this is so.

To help induce the trance state needed to make this work, you may choose to do this in the dark by candlelight, perhaps hypnotizing yourself with the candlelight before starting. You can also further develop the skills needed to do this successfully by working on developing the blood centers located in the hands–see the exercise for creating energy balls.

In order to attune the pendulum to your own energy for maximum effect, consecrate it using your own blood at some auspicious time.

Energy Balls and Servitors


This is a simple exercise that develops the hand chakras and hence the ability to channel subtle energy through the hands–the beginning of more advanced energy manipulation. It is valuable to aspirants along the path in that requires zero knowledge, zero training, and zero talent to perform properly.

At first, you will only feel all of this. Don’t worry about visualization or trying to ‘see’ the energy; all of this will come with time, patience, and practice. For me personally, I was quickly able to see the energy–at first it would appear as if the space where the energy ball formed was ‘swimming’ with subtle energy, similar to how the air just above a car’s surface appears to ripple on a hot day; then as I practiced more faint colors would appear and the visuals became more vivid. It’s only at this point I would suggest that you really fiddling around with visualization in ‘programming’ the energy of the energy ball.

Begin by rubbing your palms together until they get hot. This warms up the hand chakras and prepares them for activity.

Now bring your hands apart a couple feet; the hands should be relaxed, fingers slightly apart, the insides of your palms should be facing each other. Ease them in toward each other until you feel their auras meet; this will feel something like two magnets repelling other. Now breathe in, then breathe out (through the nostrils, of course); as you breathe in, you will feel them pull in toward each other; as you breathe out, you will naturally feel your hands push each other away as the space between them grows. This is the energy ball forming between them–breathing in sucks in energy, breathing in pours energy in. Now repeat this as the energy ball between your hands grows, until your hands are about 3 feet apart. Next comes condensing the energy ball. Slowly, slowly bring your hands together, feeling the energy grow tighter, until they’re just a few inches apart. You now have an energy ball. You can then let your hands down and let the energy ball rest before you. The possible uses of this energy ball are only limited by your own ingenuity.

You can project the energy ball into an object so as to ‘charge’ it.

Note–whereas the technique I just described is very basic, the one that follows is more advanced.

To imbue it with the energy of a particular sphere, visualize an energy cord flowing forth from the chakra corresponding to the appropriate sphere, the energy cord glowing with the appropriate color, and connect to the energy balls. Begin to ‘load’ it with energy from the chakra which colors the ball the appropriate color. Vibration is then used to aid the charging of the energy ball with even more planetary force.

Once you’re done loading, it’s important to sever the cord connecting you to the energy ball–this is done using visualization and an athame. Also important is balancing and restoring your energies afterwards (solar meditation is always good for this), as you have expended some of your power and worked out very particular sections of your acausal body. When it comes to more advanced sorcery as this, spiritual hygiene becomes especially important, in the same way that surgery is undertaken with the utmost cleanliness and regard for the extreme sensitivity of the human body.

After having separated the energy ball from your body, for those of you who are proficient in energy manipulation, you can continue to load it with planetary energy directly from the spheres for maximum power. This will have to be done outdoors, when the planet to be utilized is visible in the night sky. Select an area with minimal light pollution for this. It’s also best to draw planetary energy during a New Moon, not because of any significant energies that may be accessed during that time, but simply because the stars and planets will be most visible. Visualize a stream of energy slowly flowing down from the planet and descending into the energy ball, loading it with raw celestial power as it grows in size and power. Continue this visualization for at least 20 minutes. Know that the entity manufactured during this process will be exceptionally powerful and as such you must possess a powerful will so as to not be overpowered by what you create.

The best (currently known) means of dispatching entities produced by these means is in the traditional chaos magick manner of servitor creation. In this case, it’s best to give the entity produced a name, give it a clear directive, and send it off to do its task (this should be clearly visualized). The charge given to a servitor may run along the lines of ‘I name you ______! I give you life! Now go! Kill _____! Destroy them! And bring their soul to me!’ When it completes its task and returns to you, there is still the matter of the servitor’s fate to be dealt with. There is the option of tracing/visualizing a point-down Septagram in the servitor’s direction, thus ‘banishing’ it. Those of a vampyric bent may be inclined to devour it. For more powerful servitors–particularly ‘astral assassins’ created solely for the purpose of culling human dross–one may opt to keep it alive and program it to follow the sorcerer at all times and faithfully protect and serve then. One could even create an astral sex slave to fulfill the sorcerer’s wildest fantasies.

Notes on Revolutionary Spiritualism


The term ‘Aryan’ describes an individual of the Western Race who has given himself to the lifelong pursuit of Knowledge and Power. Each White Brother or Sister has within themselves the Divine Spark, but it is the Aryan who has used it to set his or her soul aflame. The Aryan, in his unending quest for spiritual ascension, becomes a new archetype, the spiritual warrior, which is to be the phenotype for a new species, Homo galactica. The germination of this level attainment does not come until one’s 40s and the step into actual immortality does not begin until after one’s causal death.

Hebdomadry is a form of left-handed attainment with unique forms of ego-dissolving practices intended to bring about this development towards lapis philosophicus as quickly as possible. Although a lifelong process, if followed all the way through to the end the path ends in Immortality, as explicated in the Sevenfold Way.

In addition to following a clearly articulated traditional path one must also cultivate a certain individual character of nobility, curiosity, and conquest that goes beyond anything that can be written in any book or explicated by any master. This is a certain awareness of both the Numinous as well as the Sinister and the living unity-beyond-both that becomes manifest in one’s deeds and everyday living. This unique and noble character is unspoken except through one’s actions, one’s eyes, one’s elegance and grace, but it is a uniqueness, a sinister weirdness, that has and ultimitely needs no words to express or explain it.

The code of living conductive to the cultivation of this unique character is explicated in the fourfold system of Aryan Wellness in its four aspects, which are thus:

1) Physical – Always prepared to defend one’s folk, property, and self, if necessary using lethal force–this includes always carrying a deadly weapon and being skilled in martial arts, including being able to disarm and kill enemies with one’s own bare hands; exercises every day; eats healthy and avoids poisonous, mass-produced, or genetically modified foods; doesn’t do hard drugs or drink alcohol;
2) Emotional – Positive self image; accepts one’s self; experiences love, compassion, empathy, sorrow, fear, wonder, the full range of human emotion; not given to overt displays of emotion except to those who are trusted; humble and both realistic and optimistic about one’s own limitations;
3) Mental – Reads every day; able to accurately analyze others and determine character, intentions, weaknesses, and needs quickly; able to perceive themselves realistically; skeptical and subjects all information presented to scrutiny and investigation before accepting it as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; explores different possibilities and able to think outside the box;
4) Spiritual – Racial pride; respect for Nature; observation of numinous rites and customs; livelong commitment to spiritual evoltion; keeps a dream journal; meditates and prays every day; honors the ancestors; practices regular acts of charity and random acts of kindness; able to forgive and forget; understanding and compassion for the poor, weak, and disenfranchised.

Also central to the system of hebdomadry is left-handed attainment, which is fundamentally heterodox and antinomian–meaning it is not only ever-changing and ever-evolving according to the personal spiritual development of each individual seeker, but deeply against the status quo, oftentimes involving immoral, dangerous, and illegal acts. This includes human sacrifice, the creation of isolated esoteric communities deep in the rural countryside, spending three months in isolation in the wilderness without any technology or luxuries, and ritual suicide. In addition to this the goals of hebdomadry, both immediate and long-term, are difficult to comprehend and vast in scope, and part of the purpose of one’s spiritual training is to be able to undertake the necessary works of sorcery–far too difficult and extreme for most–to realize these goals. In this sense hebdomadry is the blackest of all black magick.

The reconciliation of the Sinister and the Numinous via the alchemical processes of hebdomadry (particularly the Sevenfold Way and Pathei Mathos) produces a new type of individual, a higher spiritual being, who has the power to influence the long term fate–the Wyrd–of an entire civilization, and potentially the entire human species. The ultimate long term goal of this alchemical process is to produce Falcifer, the esoteric nexion–either an individual or a group of individuals and the land upon which they live–which will bring about Vindex, the esoteric nexion–a single individual–who will overthrow the Magian (i.e., capitalism, liberalism, and international jewry) and restore balance to the Wyrd of mankind, which will result in the birth of Imperium. Imperium will spearhead mankind’s ascent towards the stars, beginning with the colonization of terrestrial planets and mining of their moons for resources with which to build them.

To be sure, Falcifer will be one of the most skilled Adepts or a group of the most skilled Adepts seeking to produce an individual via the chthonic form of the Nine Angles Rite with the sacrificial conclusion–channelling the energies unearthed into the Wyrd of a specific individual–this perhaps being the ultimate act of Sinister Alchemy. The energies unearthed from the rite will be drawn from a star gate near Algol, the bloodiest and most violent of fixed stars whose energies are associated with violence, revolution, and disruption on a national and even international level. An attempt by the unprepared or inexperienced to draw upon these sinister energies will almost certainly result in permenant loss of sanity, yet if attempted by those who are ready for it it can be used to bring about precisely the type of change our world needs–a strong, divinely-inspired and guided revolutionary who will fearlessly and single-mindedly devote themselves and every last bit of their Being towards the overthrow of the Magian and the establishment of a global fascist Imperium.

Banishing Ritual of the Swastika

This exercise is best done outdoors, preluded with charging the aura through drawing energy from the Sun for a few minutes. As usual it is desirable to enter a trance beforehand, the deeper the better.

Begin by visualizing a swastika in front of you–its color is spotless white, shining brilliantly. Now intone ‘KAAAAAAUUUUUUNNNNNN’. Now visualize one behind you, then intone ‘AAAAAANNNNNSUUUUUZZZZZZ’. Now visualize one to the right of you, then intone ‘OOOOOTHHHHHAAAAAALLLLL”. Now visualize one to the left of you, then intone ‘SAAAAAUUUUUUIIIIIIILLLLL’. All of these swastikas should be the same pure white color. Now visualize them all glowing with radiant golden rays like sunlight. Begin to envision them scircling around you sunwise. With each exhalation, they spin faster and faster; continue doing this until they meld together to form a blinding white bubble of energy glowing with golden light, creating an astral shield protecting you from any and all undesirable influences. If you are so inclined, you can further energize this astral barrier by chanting the rune ‘Algiz’ several times, the sonic vibrations sending ripples of energy through the aura around you.


The Pokemagus

As I write this I assume that the reader is not an occultist but a fan of pokemon or perhaps just a curious reader, thus I’ve aimed to make this as de-mystified and pragmatic as possible, sparing you of all occult frittery and getting down to the ‘how tos’ of summoning pokemon. I personally do not like pokemon but its mythos translates quite well into a fun, simple, but effective occult praxis. But is this to be taken seriously? Like the world and everything in it, this tract is every bit as much of a joke as it is a reality. So if you actually apply it over a period of time and you happen to resonate strongly with the pokemon mythos, then there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you. Or maybe there is, sometimes people just can’t do magick–usually because they simply do not believe in it, and one cannot develop faculties they do not believe in. When it comes to magick and mysticism you get out of it what you put into it, so I’ll let you figure that out.

Speaking in terms of the chaos magick ethos, the ‘summoning’ and ‘training’ of pokemon for actual magickal purposes amounts more or less to the creation of an elemental/thoughtform/tulpa which may or may not be sustained and trained over time as a sort of familiar to the sorcerer (who we shall heretofore call the pokemage–yeah, I know, lame as fuck, please forgive me). The power and effectiveness of these elementals depends on the ability of the pokemage to ‘breathe life’ into the thoughtform so that it may be animated and charged with the necessary power to accomplish its task.

A pokemon is trained–that is, it is made more powerful, more sentient–via repeated summonings undertaken over a long period of time. As time goes on the pokemage may begin to feel its presence at all times, communicate with it telepathically, see it in dreams, or even see it as if it were physically there. All of this comes with time and training and although intense it may not necessarily be desirable to have an exceptionally powerful or intelligent pokemon. It all depends on the ability and will of the pokemage, and it is likely that only those who feel a powerful connection with the pokemon mythos will be able to control extremely developed pokemon.

The main magickal object used by the pokemage is the pokemon card, to which the mage binds the energies created in the initial summoning which are to become the spirit of the pokemon. That is, it becomes a ‘home’ of sorts wherein the energies of the pokemon reside. Because of this it must be kept in some kind of protective sleeve which is kept in a safe place where it will not be touched or seen by plebs.

For maximum power, the pokemage may wish to undertake a 24 hour fast before the summoning, during which they gather about themselves occult energies. This ought to be a period of ‘down time’ during which, while abstaining from food or drink (except water), the pokemage surrounds himself with both pokemon and occult paraphernalia, doing things like playing pokemon (either the card game or the video game will do–a mix of both is ideal), meditating, watching pokemon, etc… One may even go so far as to dress as, say, Ash Ketchum (and this sort of regalia is certainly recommended for the actual ritual itself) and live and think and act as an actual pokemon trainer would, regardless of how absolutely ridiculous this would cause one to look. This sort of method acting can produce powerful results as it immerses the mind totally in the role of a Pokemon Master, drawing forth powerful archetypal energies which seduce the psyche into the magickal state of consciousness that is all too crucial for working the most powerful types of sorcery. Right before undertaking a summoning, the pokemage may wish to take a ritual bath, after which they don the ritual regalia and commence to undertake the working.

The only two impliments required for summoning a pokemon are a pokeball and the appropriate card. The pokeball is placed in the center of a small shrine, open with the pokemon card placed within it, facing the pokemage. The pokemage enters a trance (preferably via self-hypnosis) and then begins by saying, “___________, I choose you!”, then visualizing the pokemon appear before him while chanting its name slowly and repeatedly. The pokemage continues this until he feels the pokemon’s presence, after which he instructs it in its task and visualizes it going off and accomplishing it. After completing this the pokemage says, “It is done” and visualizes the pokemon being sucked back into its card. After undertaking a working the pokemage should write down their experiences as soon as possible and then spend at least half an hour relaxing, not thinking about the success of the working.

The method recommended for preliminary self-hypnosis is simple and takes only about 3 minutes to perform. Gaze into a candle and enter a trance state. Say to yourself out loud, ‘As I count to ten my eyes will be drawn to the candle, unable to leave it.’ Then count to ten. If this works, wait a while and then say to yourself out loud, ‘As I count to ten, all of my psychic centers will open up.’ Then count to ten. It seems all sorts of ‘pseudoscience’ comes within the range of human experience after that–visioning, scrying, invocation, you name it

When planning a summoning, a suitable locale should be chosen. The area selected should be appropriate to the type of pokemon summoned; for instance, for grass or bug, in a forest; for water, near a body of water; for fire, around a bonfire; for rock, inside a cave; for ghost, in a graveyard or haunted area; for poison, in an abandoned, dilapidated building in a seedy part of town; for psychic, in an indoor temple; and so on and so forth. Before the actual summoning takes place, it is suggested that the pokemage spend at least a quarter of an hour meditating in the chosen locale, basking in and drawing into themselves its energies so that they are energized by forces which are in sympathy to the type of being to be summoned. This also serves to imbue the pokemon summoned with energies that are conductive towards its task. Conversely, you would not want to invoke a fire type pokemon near a body of water, nor would you want to invoke a grass type pokemon near a bonfire.

It is most likely that the pokemage will feel most drawn toward a particular type of pokemon, and it is to be expected that there will be one or two in particular to which they feel most drawn. This may amount more or less to an all-purpose guardian spirit; it could even be said that the pokemon to which one feels most drawn and inspired by amounts more or less to a type of spirit animal, a magickal familiar.

First post…


I’m Kaos Butterfly and this is my blog (obviously) devoted the Left Hand Path, Order of Nine Angles, all things sinister and numinous, tips on sorcery, and anything else I deem relevant. I’m not trying to come up with anything big here–consider it an online journal for my musings, techniques, opinions, ambitions, and all sorts of other cool shit that you may or may not find worth reading. I imagine this will turn out more or less as an online book of shadows for me and others to look back on in the future. I’ll make some effort to post as much original content as possible, but of course I’ll have to occasionally include the obligatory regurgitated material that floods all ONA-affiliated websites. I’ve probably had at least a dozen blogs thus far that I never kept longer than a few months, but maybe this one will be the one that lasts… Yeah right. :p

I don’t have much to say at the moment so I guess I’ll leave it at that for now. Maybe I’ll do some more introductory shit later. We’ll see. Until then, I’m out.

-Kaos Butterfly