Making Petrichor

Take some dry earth containing some plant life, grind it all up, put it into a pot, and collect enough rainwater to seal out any release of geosmin from the soil. Remove the plants after letting soak for ~4 hours. Cover with a lid. Boil at a high temperature for about an hour. Filter out and collect the muck. Repeat the boiler/filter process until the muck buildup is enough. Set to dry on a thin sheet. You now have petrichor. Boiling and filtering and drying can derive pretty much anything. Also, I’d say the rainwater and the specific timing prescribed in MS aren’t totally necessary. The cool refreshing smell (petrichor) you get after it rains is the acidity that releases the geosmin. This can also be done using hot water. There needs to be what chemistry calls a reagent (or maybe the term is ‘reacting agent’, I’m not sure on this one). The ‘muck’ that will be the incense however is not the barren plants that you remove, it’s the resin left over from boiling–that is, concentrated geosmin. When you light it the flame acts as the reagent and you thus produce petrichor.

Ceremony of Azoth

To be performed on a New Moon at the Earth Gate, where you have minimal light pollution and a clear, unobstructed view of the stars. It can be anytime during the night but an hour or two before sunrise is ideal.

Place four waterclear (AAA quality) quartz points, each at least 3″ tall and empowered with one of the four elements, at the appropriate cardinal directions (south/earth, west/air, etc.). Wear all black, loose-fitting clothes, and around your neck a leather pouch containing a piece of the sacred stone moldavite charged with the fifth element, azoth. The stones may be charged by elementals or by an herbal tincture, or both.

Open the ceremony by saging the area with a smudge stick, walking counterclockwise around the Earth Gate, waving the smudge stick clockwise while “combing” through the smoke with a feather, as you chant the Diabolus nine times. Upon completion of the Numinously-Sinister chant snuff out the sage, placing it outside the Earth Gate to the northeast, and then step into the center of the Earth Gate.

Now to unlock and open the Elements:
Facing South, trace/visualize the Sigil of the Seven Gates, watching it turn from blue to silver to green, then sing “Agios Kabeiri” while imagining yourself becoming Earth.
Facing West, trace/visualize the Sigil of the Seven Gates, watching it turn from yellow to black to blue, then sing “Agios Lucifer” while imagining yourself becoming Air.
Facing East, trace/visualize the Sigil of the Seven Gates, watching it turn from green to white to silver, then sing “Agios Elutrodes” while imagining yourself becoming Water.
Facing North, trace/visualize the Sigil of the Seven Gates, watching it turn from orange to gold to red, then sing “Agios Olenos” while imagining yourself becoming Fire.

Now turn to face the Big Dipper, hissing “Aperiatur stella, et germinet Kaos” as you assume the Liferune posture. Vibrate “Nythra Kthunae Atazoth” seven times, then “Binan ath, Ga wath am” once. Now visualize a stream of octarine vril descending from the Big Dipper and feel it entering into your body through the crown chakra, suffusing your whole body and aura with its acausal potency, energizing and numenizing every cell of your being. Continue this visualization for at least a quarter of an hour while you slowly vibrate “Atazoth”. Hold up your outstretched hands in reverence of the Big Dipper regardless of any possible discomfort you may feel during.

Upon completion of the visualization, sit down cross-legged and feel the energy raised seep from you down into the buried tetrahedron below you, which energy then spreads to infect and transform the area around you. Continue for as long as intuition inclines. When finished, bow to the North and cry out, “Agios o Atazoth”, then depart.

The psychic centers for seeing (clairvoyance) and hearing (clairaudience)

Ear chakras   The “psychic ears”.

Eye chakras 2

Eye chakras

The “psychic eyes”.

Focus on each individual chakra, one at a time. Visualize them as little white stars, like miniature suns. As you inhale, absorb white energy into the chakra. As you exhale, vibrate “AGIOS” or “ANSUZ” while visualizing the chakra growing. Repeat 9 times per chakra.

Repeat at least once a day for 60 days in order to develop rudimentary psychic faculties–for instance, as in clairvoyance, seeing auras and shamanic visioning; as in clairaudience, reading thoughts and hearing “astral music”.

Heaven and Earth Meditation

This is a simple elemental meditation intended to bring about a balanced flow of energy, stimulate and empower the chakras, and enhance one’s connection to the powers of Nature. As such, it is best done in an elemental location (glades, hilltops, caves, the countryside, any private and isolated natural setting), although anywhere outdoors will work so long as you sit in the grass and out in the sunlight or moonlight. I’ve found that doing this meditation fully nude gives a noticeable power boost, although privacy and temperature do not always allow for this. Marijuana also adds to the power of the experience. A grid of crystals, as usual, is recommended. The incense appropriate to this working is sandalwood.


heaven and earth



Begin by vibrating AAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZ 12 times (this step is optional, but can be quite helpful for those who are less advanced).

Inhale slowly and deeply. As you breathe in, draw black energy up from the Earth into the root chakra and on up through the remaining chakras, all the way to the crown.

Now exhale slowly. As you breathe out, draw white energy from above into the crown chakra and on down through the remaining ones, all the way to the root.

Repeat however many times you see fit.

Conjuring the Elements


This is an approach to the traditional Wiccan calling of the elements, sans all causal forms—that is, it uses no words, no symbols, no forms or anything of that nature. It relies entirely on one’s fluency with energy, how well developed the astral senses are, and an empathy with the elements and with Nature—nothing that can be obtained from a book or some religion. This is just the basic outline, and it assume one will have the skill to know what to do with it all.

Enter a deep trance.

Facing east – Imagine yourself weightless, floating in the sky. Breathe in the air element for 4 breaths.

Facing south – Imagine yourself on fire, feeling the heat of the flames all over. Breathe in the fire element for 4 breaths.

Facing west – Imagine yourself underwater, feeling the coldness of the water. Breathe in the water element for 4 breaths.

Facing north – Imagine yourself underground, feeling the dense gravity of the earth. Breathe in the earth element for 4 breaths.

Now imagine yourself in the center of an infinite and eternal space. There is no above or below or sideways. This boundless sea of energy is ultraviolet, similar to the color of a black light. Breathe in this energy for 11 breaths, filling your entire being with it.

After this, any kind of magick is possible. One may begin to direct the energies raised toward some desire, or direct it toward the opening of a physical gateway to the spirit realm, or one may store it in a crystal, or simply store it within themselves.