Esoteric Musings on Tradition, Society, and the Guru

Tradition allows us to connect with the past in such a way that enables us to create the future right here in the present. It is the blueprint which determines the values and the state of mind of the people–the ethos of a civilization–which ultimately preponderates any written law in society. The mentality that is cultivated in the minds of the people is the true law here, and so long as the people are peaceful they are simply giving their government permission to exist simply through their nonviolence. So if reared properly, the people will show greater loyalty to the ways of their ancestors and to what they’ve been raised with than to any impersonal law or ruler. Tradition thus becomes, in part, a safety net for the masses should their government become unreliable and their revolt against corruption demands legitimacy. And a movement gains greater legitimacy by invoking the authority of the ancestors and the ways of old than by appealing to people’s sense of morality or selfishness.

This is however much more than just imitating those who came before us as a means of control. There is real spiritual power to this process, and it is in fact the science of building civilizations and keeping them alive, tradition being an organ which helps to maintain homeostasis within society. The process here is simple. The traditional rites are imbued with spiritual power throughout the ages by those noble-hearted persons who observe them faithfully and then pass them onto their offspring. When we enact these age-old rites ourselves, we tap into that reservoir of power created over many generations and bring the wonders experienced by those in the past to life in the present, so that in the immediacy of that moment our position in time and space is actually nondifferent from when and where our ancestors were when they were enacting those rites. A spiritual atmosphere is created wherein the lines between past, present, and future are temporarily blurred. This is called mimesis. When we give these rites to our children for them to observe their whole lives, we continue the legacy and become a link in a chain that connects the past with the future. This is true aeonic magick.

This brings us to the importance of serving the bona fide spiritual master (or “Guru”), who makes the essence of tradition accessible to sincere seekers. The spiritual master is part of an unbroken chain of disciplic succession that puts the disciple in direct connection to the source of knowledge, similar to how people receive knowledge of culture and tradition from their parents and then pass that knowledge on to their own offspring. This chain of disciplic succession is called parampara. If a tradition is authentic and capable of changing the hearts of people, it can only ever come from the Supreme Being, and by His causeless mercy legitimate esoteric traditions may flow down to us, unadulterated and unchanged, through His living representatives on Earth. The path between the disciple and the source of knowledge is a simple straight line, and the Guru is the link in that chain which connects the disciple to the Source, thus the Guru is something of a Gate–a nexion–in and of himself. And the transcendental knowledge that is transmitted thusly is of such a nature that aural reception of the divine teachings directly from the lips of the spiritual master is the beginning of a very specific type of alchemical change in one’s physis. Those seeking to properly enact sacred traditions with the aim of changing themselves and the world around them should begin by seeking the association of learned authorities and hearing from them about divine subjects.




Notes on Lebensraum

As I have mentioned before, the acquisition of Lebensraum is perhaps the most important immediate objective of the Aryan Aeonic Agenda. It is also among the most difficult ones, requiring considerable amounts of money, manpower, resources, and planning. Yet if our Aryan Folk are to break free from the fetters of magian society and start a new tribal-based way of life that is genuinely numinous and truly capable of presencing the acausal on an aeonic scale, then we must take this objective very seriously and regularly make sacrifices in order to see it materialize. We will be able to distinguish between those who are genuine revolutionaries and those who are mere pretenders largely by how seriously they take the acquisition of Lebensraum and the extent of their efforts toward the practical realization of that end. Understand–there can be no tribe without Lebensraum.

The Aryan Aeonic Agenda may be viewed as a prolonged and highly complex (yet profoundly simple) meta-ritual, and the Lebensraum is the designated location for the vast majority of the performance of that ritual–it is the mystical center, the spiritual core, the beating heart which delivers life-giving blood to the body of the Aryan Resurrection. It is an aeonic forcefield of sorts, where our tribal tradition can be maintained without outside memetic disruption. Yet it is also a matter of practicality, not just spirituality; our tribes, in order to flourish safely outside the confines of magian society and secure a long-term, aeonic existence that is sustainable and reliable, must take to the countryside, the forests, whatever segments of land that have gone untouched and undefiled by the activity of mundanes and where Natural Law still reigns supreme. We must break completely free from the cities, from the cycles of wage slavery and usury, from dependence on money, from dependence on government in any form–we must break completely free from all these abstractions, from any mundane abstractions whatsoever, so as to be able to manifest a way of life that is numinous and in touch with the acausal. In essence, we must turn away from all of that which is unnatural and return to an existence that is truly natural, that we may ascend toward the supernatural.

The mystical relationship between Blut und Boden–blood and soil–is a reciprocal one: the tribe breathes life into the aeonic potential of the land, just as the land does the very same for the tribe. They empower and uplift each other. It must be understood that the connection between a Folk and their land–Blut und Boden–is an inherently mystical one. The spirit of a numinous tribe is bound with the very soil upon which they live and from which they derive their livelihood. However all members of the tribe must be conscious and respectful of the numinous; they must have an awareness of the acausal, of the spirits of nature, and honor the sacred traditions upheld by our Aryan Tribes as a way of connecting to the world of spirit and bringing about enhanced spiritual evolution, both individual and aeonic. Thus, esoterically speaking, the main purpose of acquiring Lebensraum is to establish a spiritual presence, an esoteric community, within a particular area, and to eventually open up a permenant physical nexion in that area.

The Lebensraum shall be occupied solely by members and allies of our Aryan Tribes, and one should only be able to enter our tribal territory by invitation. Its exact location should never be revealed except to those who have taken an oath of loyalty, who have been hazed/beaten in, and who have “put in work”–in other words, only those who have demonstrated immense dedication and loyalty to the Aryan Aeonic Agenda should know the whereabouts of our Lebensraum. Outsiders MAY, under certain circumstances, be permitted to enter our territory, but they should never be told the exact location or even the approximate location. Instead, they should be directed to meet at a certain location some distance away from the Lebensraum, then they are to be blindfolded and driven to the Lebensraum by a trusted comrade of the tribe–the drive should be at least 45 minutes long.

The mystical life of our Aryan Tribes revolves around the observance of certain numinous rites and customs at the Lebensraum–there are the Eight Yearly Fests, the New and Full Moon rituals, daily prayers and offerings to the ancestors and to the spirits of Nature, sacrificing those who have demonstrated themselves to be irredeemably rotten, following a numinous code of honor, respect, and reciprocity, and so on. The Lebensraum also acts as the setting for the Grade Ritual of the Internal Adept, the initiation into the inner-order of the tribe. Adherence to such traditions imbues the Land with the spirit of the Folk and their Ways, and imbues the Folk and their Ways with the spirit of the Land–there is thus a reciprocal, symbiotic, harmonious relationship between Blut und Boden, in stark contrast to how magian society and its participants act as a parasite unto Nature, taking without restraint from Gaea but never giving anything back.

The Eight Yearly Fests, the Full and New Moon rituals, and (most) ceremonial cullings are to take place within a single outdoors location at the Lebensraum–this location is to be selected according to the insight of those Adepts who establish the tribal community. This place, which I shall call the Great Nexus, will serve as the psychic center of the tribe, an inexhaustable spring of acausal energy to be drawn upon by our Aryan brothers and sisters. This location is to be the most powerful area in the entire Lebensraum and should be treated with the highest reverence and dignity. The traditional rites performed here are aeonic, geared toward opening up a new physical nexion capable of bringing about the Aeon of Fire. The energies raised by these rites are to be left to disperse naturally; they are not immediately directed by any forms or symbols. Yet they are not necessarily undirected either; rather, they spread all over the Lebensraum and are directed by the observance of the numinous tradition by all members of the tribe. The very lives and actions of those who make up the tribe are themselves the forms that direct the energies presenced by this aeonic nexion. Every Aryan is a living, breathing ritual; their lives are a perpetual act of genuine magick. This living magick is to be amplified by Great Nexus.

Although this single physical nexion is to be the most important source of acausal energy to the tribe, it is not necessarily the only one. Other physical nexions should be constructed as well, however the energy presenced by these are to be directed by some kind of form appropriate to its intent, unlike the Grand Nexus, whose rites are largely formless aside from the necessary techniques whereby a gate may be opened. There does not have to be a specific number of these lesser nexions, however I maintain that nine, at the very least, should be made, each one with its own purpose–one could be for protection, another could be for fertility, another for wealth, another for longevity, and so on.

The creation of new traditional rites and forms appropriate to these nexions is a massive goal yet to be fully realized, and to see it materialize will require much experimentation, creativity, and cooperation amongst those of our Kollective. Balobians shall be of particular usefulness here, as the creation of numinous performances capable of presencing the acausal is essentially an artistic (and, of course, spiritual) task. The participation of Balobians in the advancement of the Aryan Aeonic Agenda, especially in the creation of new traditional practices and the development of old ones, should not be underestimated–understand that the survival and vitality of our ways depends largely on the creative powers of those gifted with a natural artistic ability. Their creations shall be as lasting monuments to the glory and genius of our Aryan Race.

The establishment of a permanent tribal settlement aimed at opening up a gateway to the acausal and operating independently of magian society is one of the highest, most powerful forms of future magick currently possible. The gateway that is opened by the tribe’s united efforts is to one day bring forth, or contribute in great part to bringing forth, the coming of the New Aeon, the Galactic Imperium, and Homo Novis–a new age, a new society, and a new man.


Notes on Hamingja and Aryan Spiritualism


The Importance of Hamingja
Hamingja is a term appropriated from old Norse mythology to refer to the living evolutionary force responsible for good fortune, charisma, ambition, and power. It is increased by both esoteric means (meditation, chanting, working with crystals, numinous living, etc.) and exoteric ones (exeatic living, regular exercise, courageous deeds, culling, etc.). Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Vladimir Lenin, all among the great marathon runners of history, could be said to have had massive amounts of this mysterious force of nature.

The forbidden alchemy–that is, the transformation of humans into a higher spiritual being–may be understood largely as a lifelong process of increasing one’s level Hamingja. Viewed this way, the very purpose of life itself is to maximize one’s own hamingja, cultivate it in the family, and pass it down to one’s offspring so that all that has been accumulated will continue to grow beyond one’s passing from this brief mortal existence. This is just one form of immortality; our souls will live on in the rites of our sacred ancestral tradition, for just as we honor our ancestors, so shall future generations honor us.

Hamingja is emitted in infinite amounts by the Sun and (when under certain natural conditions) the Earth. It is however most abundantly and immediately available from the Sun, and thus solar meditation and earthing can do much to increase one’s own reserves of hamingja.

Hamingja is significant to the white race in a number of ways; but perhaps most importantly, it is passed down onto one’s offspring, thus we as Aryans possess the hamingja of our ancestors and our offspring will be the carriers of our own hamingja. Our souls are inseparably bound with that of our ancestors; they have passed a flame down to us, one that we shall one day pass down to our white children. Spiritual excellence is thus in part hereditary, so in order to forge a permenant bloodline of an Aryan spiritual elite we must work unceasingly to raise our own levels of power and pass down throughout the ages a tradition that maintains spiritual evolution as man’s foremost sacred duty.

Understand that what I speak of is neither racism nor racialism, but a fact of man’s spiritual nature. No one is necessarily made superior or inferior by their race, but the white race in particular is inclined toward expansion, conquest, and power, and have proven largely successful in these endeavors more than other races.

Understanding hamingja, and its relationship with the white race, is largely conductive in tapping into our Aryan power and unlocking the latent potential within ourselves as white people. This is bound with our ancesteral Hamingja, our connection with the spirit of ages past; thus an embracing of racial heritage is a first step in the spiritual evolution of mankind, society, and the cosmos. This is, however, only a first step; it is not enough to have a racialist mentality, as the body must be brought into harmony with the mind through exeatic living and contributing to the Aryan Aeonic Agenda.


Hamingja meditation
The hamingja meditation is simple yet profound.

Simply sit outdoors, preferably in an elemental setting, although outside in the grass is fine. Breathe in, and as you inhale absorb energy from the sun into every inch of your body. At first you just have to imagine this, then eventually you will start to actually feel it, and at some point, with consistent practice, you will even be able to see it. Breathe out, and as you exhale chant the rune FEEEEEEHHHHHHUUUUUUUUU, focusing on the vibration of the chant sending ripples of power throughout your aura. Repeat this at least 27 times. The color of the energy used in this meditation is white-gold. It is important to focus on your attention shifting from the microcosm (breathing energy into the body) to the macrocosm (sending waves of energy through the aura). A grid of crystals can help this exercise immensely.

Fehu is the rune of energy, luck, wealth, abundance, dynamic power, circulation, sexual attraction, and new beginnings. It governs the ability to retain and accumulate Hamingja, and to use it like a magickal ability. It is the very first rune, the power of generation at its most basic level, and it is able to strengthen and advance one’s psychic powers when used consistently. To maximize the benefits brought by Fehu, the power accumulated must be put into circulation by returning part of what has been gained, and so by giving back one may receive even more. The principle of reciprocity most certainly applies here–your levels of Hamingja are increased, but in return you must advance the cause of evolution and ascension. The benefits of esoteric practice must always be supplimented with exoteric action.

It must be emphasized that this meditation is most powerful when done in an elemental setting. Aside from the obvious benefits of doing this meditation, say, in the woods or on an isolated hilltop, there is also a certain symbolic significance of the coming together of the energies of Sol (the Divine Father) and Gaea (the Divine Mother) that, when represented through ritual meditation, can be drawn upon for extra power.

The meditation should be repeated at least twice daily for at least 60 days, although continued practice over many years will yield their own obvious benefits. Consistency, patience, and repitition are the keys to success with this working.


Blood and Soil
Hamingja may also be connected with the land on which a people live. The land–connected with Gaea, the Divine Mother–may be a repository of a tribal hamingja just as the Sun is an infinite source of cosmic hamingja. The union of various elements–a Folk, an inner order of Adepts, a living tradition, the common blood of the people, and the land upon which they live and from which they derive their material existence–actually opens up a gateway to the world of spirit so that hamingja may flow in vast amounts into the physical world, thus contributing to the greater evolution of Mankind and the ultimate triumph of the Aryan race.

It is crucially important for the Folk to obtain Lebensraum (or “living space”) in order to advance the Aryan Aeonic Agenda; for if our greatness is to be built upon rock and not sand, then we must get away from the city and seek the power that resides in the countryside. Large amounts of land (and guns) are the main elemenets our Aryan tribes require in order to fully develop independently of the systems of mundane society. Our communities need not be large; all we need are a few self-sustaining communities, each about 40 acres large (at minimum) and consisting of a dozen or so individuals, each serving as a spiritual center for the coming Aeon of Fire. This tribal land is to become an ancesteral treasure of our Aryan Folk, kept within our family for centuries, revered and preserved as a temple dedicated to the spiritual resurrection of our people and of all civilization.

The tribe should gather at the Lebensraum twice a month, for the Full and New Moon rituals, and for the Eight Yearly Fests, among other rites–such as the Rite of the Internal Adept, initiations, or hazings/beatings-in. Therefore each tribe has their own holy site which adds to the overall numinosity–and thus power–of the Nexion. Consistency over a period of many decades–or, better yet, centuries–is key to opening up a permenant nexion capable of bringing about far-reaching changes, as well as creating a source of power to be drawn upon by those who shall inherit our numinous ways. By repeatedly performing certain rites at certain locations at certain times, a gate to the world of spirit may be opened up, one that will not only stay open but will bring about permenant changes in the Wyrd of mankind, and the Cosmos itself.

The importance of land in the fulfillment of the aeonic Aryan agenda cannot be overstated; our freedom, our livelihood, our very survival, is inexorably linked with our relationship with Sol (King Alpha) and Gaea (Queen Omega), our ability to have a healthy, symbiotic relationship with Them as the very Source of all Life, and our ability to work with Them in order to preserve the spirit of our Folk. When there is a balance between human beings and Nature, and when we understand our position within Heaven and Earth, order and balance shall prevail for thousands of years to come among our people.

The acquisition of tribal land for our people will not be a simple task, and the successful management of our resources towards that end and beyond will require careful planning and serious cooperation–but it is possible, and we must eventually succeed for the sake of our Aryan mission. In order to preserve the delicate integrity of this mission, we should only trust those who have proven themselves to be disciplined, honorable, and reliable. This does not need to be explained–either you’re sinisterly-numinous enough to be one of us, or you should probably go find something else to do with your life.

Sinister Ethos
One of the pillars of Aryan Spiritualism is the sacred duty of every initiate to carry on certain traditions and ensure they are passed down from generation to generation, traditions that are both secretive and esoteric. The purpose of keeping these traditions alive–and exclusive–is to retain the spirit of racial mysticism within our Folk for centuries to come. Our tribal communities must go on to last for several centuries and beyond, and with them the age-old mysteries of spiritual attainment and conscious evolution that are created and re-created, discovered and re-discovered, with the pathei-mathos of every individual Aryan.

A moment should be taken to clarify the meaning of pathei-mathos and its importance within tradition. On the one hand, the power of a golden tradition passed down throughout the ages is self-evident and needs to explaining; yet it should also be understood that evolution, change, growth, is a natural and therefore sacred part of the cosmic balance, which must be reflected in the ethos and praxis of the Tradition.

In order to better understand the concept of an ever-evolving tradition, meaning must be made upon the Sinister Dialectic as it relates to our greater aeonic objectives. This requires a supra-personal perspective, an ability to formulate one’s on Weltanschauung while putting a distinct splint between one’s own pathei-mathos, and the pathei-mathos of others. That means a number of things; one should be able to take from what has been laid down by others before, test things and find things out for themselves, and eventually have their own contributions to the Sinister based upon their own experiences, their own beliefs. One should be able to understand that most of us (who are genuine, at least) use profoundly different means of expresing essentially the same things, thus we should be able to distinguish the One Essence from its myriad forms and not get distracted by outward appearances; to those who truly know, the meaning of this as it relates to solidarity does not need to be explained. One should be able to understand that those who have seen more shit, done more shit, and felt more shit by necessity know more shit, and that those who are more experienced have earned the right to be respected for their practical deeds (but no one ever earns the right to be followed without question).

The tradition of pathei-mathos, involving as it does a synthesis of opposites, unites collectivism and individualism in this way. While everybody is encouraged to develop their own Weltanschauung, which itself is essential to the adaptability and growth of the Sinister, solidarity and unity are every bit as conductive to our survival. We are free too, and indeed even encouraged, to question and challenge the Weltanschauung of others, but at the same time we are expected not to be obnoxious, not to behave childishly and call names, not to act like we know things we don’t know anything about–in other words, we avoid hubris. We do not want to be guilty of hubris, and if caught in bullshit we must acknowledge and repent for our hubris.

An understanding of the Sinister Dialectic, and the role pathei-mathos plays within the Sinister tradition, is essential for the long-term survivability of our movement and the fulfillment of our long-term aims.

Spiritualism and Aryanism
Spirituality is essential for the creation of Homo Novis, who shall almost certainly evolve from the White Race, considering our inclination toward conquest, expansion, and power.

Real spirituality is not about worship or denying the pleasures that life has to offer; real spirituality is a deliberate process of expanding human awareness and ability into the acausal. It is most accurately defined as conscious evolution–the means of transforming ourselves into higher spiritual beings; of fulfilling our latent potential, our very Cosmic Destiny, as humans, by going beyond this material realm and expanding our reach into the astral, the acausal, into distant galaxies and dimensions.

Spirituality is exploration and transformation. It is communion with beings from other worlds, establishing interdimensional relations with gods, angels, demons, spirits–for it is our Destiny to have as close cosmic neighbors all of those beings whom we thought were alien and supernatural, working together with them in the quest for collective ascension toward godhood, fighting alongside them as comrades united in the struggle for expansion and conquest. Spirituality is a lifelong process of growth, discovery, ascent and descent, found through devotion, application, and real, hard, practical experience. It is fundamentally alchemical, having at its core the great cosmic principle of metamorphosis which leads up to apotheosis, the development of life from the causal to the acausal through purging all inner-dross by antinomian and oftentimes painful means. Yet it is also ecstatic, exeatic, liberating in the purest sense of the word; it removes all limitations from the soul, and all opposites–good and evil, heaven and earth, purity and filth, joy and sorrow, spiritual and sensuous–collide into one, and the unity beyond both at last comes into view.

It is our cosmic destiny, as Aryans, to fulfill this latent human potential which has thus far gone unrealized. By tapping into the spirit of our ancestors, awakening our racial consciousness, and expanding our awareness into the acausal, we fulfill our latent potential–our Wyrd–as comrades united by a tradition of blood, soil, and spirit.