A Statement from Fellow Travelers of the Temple of Night

We did not think ever that it would have to come to this; that a personal kything should be etched into the annals of eternity to forever seal our cadre within those channels of desired accord and without those that squander the dark elegance of our noumenal imperative.

The Temple of Night hereby issues its statement of officiated distinction, preëval disassociation and complete exemption from the exploits of one V.K. Jehannum upon the below listed criterion.

The greater Temple, erected outside of the influence or cooperation of V.K., underscores their contempt for the badgering, whiny and unscrupulous behavior displayed in stark contradistinction to one Ethos of the New Aeon, to the Hubriatic exegesis of authority and to the divisional, sterile and de-Sinisterizing of Traditional Satanism as presented on various internet mediums by a youngish prude, pride-filled deceiver of the White Lodge.

No sooner does one have to look to this individual to fully apprehend the caricature of mundane Satanism, which is that of the Black Clad/Light-filled Soul championing Magian ethos.

Upon almost every reasoned perusal of said individual’s personal writings and personal opinions, we find stronger and clearer lines drawn back to conversations, which, lead to no other conclusions that many and much of the vernacular, dimensions and rhetoric forming the Matrix of his sexional outpours are purloined from conversations and interactions with Temple personnel in the past.

Here are some observations of distinction to note:

1. The sterilized writings of said person provide a safe-Satanism, of which exempts itself from any and all such difficulty afforded to real-world alchemical change. The Temple of Chavajoth by contrast encourages hardships, the undertaking of insight roles, dangerous modes of living and employment, Satanism as an expression of personal sacrifice, Dark Connexion and Pathei-Mathos… and therefore no safe-space for Satanists seeking personal recognition, only development- dark development.

2. The person in question is anathemic toward the ONA, as a result of no provisional or otherwise available routes for mastery or authority, perceived or otherwise, garnering copious opines paid toward the Septenary System and Hebdomadry, its Dreccian physis and its natural cultivation of the Dark Arts of Rouning. The Temple of Night, whereas presencing its own form, “The Draconian,” is therefore highly influenced by the ONA, its literature, its Sinister fixion, its cosmology and ontology, the esoteric philosophy of Anton Long, and it’s Galactic Ethos. What is different is that we practice not a Hebdomadric system, but Draconism, which is a mixture of Dharma, The Mythos of Khem, Hermetics, the Grimoire Tradition and Satanic/Noumenonic/Qliphothic AntiQabalah.

3. V.K.’s research and exegesis is based on the sole axiom of intellect, whereas we are not beholden of such tired and useless fodder. Our way is a mixion of scholasticism and experience- being that we are Devotees of the Dark Gods. Our literature sings from the siren’s call of the event horizion: from the opening of Stargates, Earthgates, Darkgates and Fleshgates. Ours is the poetry inked in the Saturnian blackness of the Void. We are Satanic – we are caught up Demonic ecstasy.

We are influenced and indebted to the ONA, the Temple itself being formed by an External Adept of the Sevenfold Way, and therefore maintain close, kindred-loyalty to our brothers and sisters of the Sinister Path.

We must make this clear, as the incessant blurring of lines continues, and we will not stand to be confused or conflated with this individual or any of his exploits.

The Draconian Physis is made clear.

Voltigeur Dracovolos
Temple of Night


**NOTE** I am not the author of this work but it has been shared with the special permission, and indeed encouragement, of Temple of Night personnel. Seeing nothing disagreeable in this formal statement by the Temple, I have consented to posting it here for all to see. I myself am not formally involved with the ToN, however I am acausally bound by kindred honor to their leadership and can personally vouch for their character, having known and interacted with them for a number of years. As for the individual in question, I will make no public statement of my own and will instead allow this work and the individual’s character to do the talking, that those who are perspicacious may come to the right conclusion on their own. Onward forward…


5 thoughts on “A Statement from Fellow Travelers of the Temple of Night

  1. I have been the recipient of much criticism for having graduated beyond ONA, and the dark occult entirely, and much of that criticism offered has lacked any genuine insight as to my true motives and alchemical agendas, though I am pleased to see in statements such as this, that at least some few are in possession of an attitude of scorn toward that truly mundane and secular presence attempting to represent itself as accomplished, insightful, or as representing a certain “Way”. It is odd, however, that so many satanic systems assuming themselves to impress “otherness” and to advocate “freedom” are thus so insistent upon “sameness of mind” and demanding of “adherence to tradition”. Such attunement is readily available within orthodox and politically correct venues, such that pursuit of that ilk would not require occult studies, and in fact, occult studies are specified toward recognition of such, and indeed, those initiated are truly toxic to such. Interestingly, having studied, practiced, and applied, all dark and sinister roads have led, myself at least, unto the light of Numinous Virtue, and as I have for some years addressed said issue, to the displeasure and appointment of slanderous nay-saying, and I have myself responded by doing as I have absolutely pleased, their traditions be damned. For their “freedom” is “adherence”, and their announcements against mundane opinions are themselves mundane opinions, marked by all indications of secular, meritless, soulless, and indeed, mindless, herd-think and trending memetropism. While they do correctly bastardize the psycho-secular and pseudo-sinister internet play-acting of children, too do they slander the actualized psyche, liberated mind, initiated consciousness, or any spiritually transformative means, which does not specifically then utilize that liberation, freedom, independence, and consciousness, so as to be yet another in that long and winding line of sycophants which stretches into the horizon of human history, which bows to kiss the rings of temples, the URL’s of websites, and willfully lie in servitude at the feet of those who pretend at genuine alchemical ascention. I will not comply, nor bow, for I am not a satanist, nor sycophant, nor psychopath. Rather, I would refer to myself as an Agent of Natural Law, if I needed a title whatsoever. I am pleased to see these occasional documents which demonstrate some recognition of the dark occults internal hypocrisy and counter-intuitive practices, though I will remain to be that seemingly lone voice, reminding all that the Numinous Way is that of independent moral virtue, and however informative the collective sinister ethos, the dark-occult does establish also a limited capacity of causal-acausal insight, which the genuine Hermetic Great Work drastically exceeds.

    Darryl the White,

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