Energy Balls and Servitors


This is a simple exercise that develops the hand chakras and hence the ability to channel subtle energy through the hands–the beginning of more advanced energy manipulation. It is valuable to aspirants along the path in that requires zero knowledge, zero training, and zero talent to perform properly.

At first, you will only feel all of this. Don’t worry about visualization or trying to ‘see’ the energy; all of this will come with time, patience, and practice. For me personally, I was quickly able to see the energy–at first it would appear as if the space where the energy ball formed was ‘swimming’ with subtle energy, similar to how the air just above a car’s surface appears to ripple on a hot day; then as I practiced more faint colors would appear and the visuals became more vivid. It’s only at this point I would suggest that you really fiddling around with visualization in ‘programming’ the energy of the energy ball.

Begin by rubbing your palms together until they get hot. This warms up the hand chakras and prepares them for activity.

Now bring your hands apart a couple feet; the hands should be relaxed, fingers slightly apart, the insides of your palms should be facing each other. Ease them in toward each other until you feel their auras meet; this will feel something like two magnets repelling other. Now breathe in, then breathe out (through the nostrils, of course); as you breathe in, you will feel them pull in toward each other; as you breathe out, you will naturally feel your hands push each other away as the space between them grows. This is the energy ball forming between them–breathing in sucks in energy, breathing in pours energy in. Now repeat this as the energy ball between your hands grows, until your hands are about 3 feet apart. Next comes condensing the energy ball. Slowly, slowly bring your hands together, feeling the energy grow tighter, until they’re just a few inches apart. You now have an energy ball. You can then let your hands down and let the energy ball rest before you. The possible uses of this energy ball are only limited by your own ingenuity.

You can project the energy ball into an object so as to ‘charge’ it.

Note–whereas the technique I just described is very basic, the one that follows is more advanced.

To imbue it with the energy of a particular sphere, visualize an energy cord flowing forth from the chakra corresponding to the appropriate sphere, the energy cord glowing with the appropriate color, and connect to the energy balls. Begin to ‘load’ it with energy from the chakra which colors the ball the appropriate color. Vibration is then used to aid the charging of the energy ball with even more planetary force.

Once you’re done loading, it’s important to sever the cord connecting you to the energy ball–this is done using visualization and an athame. Also important is balancing and restoring your energies afterwards (solar meditation is always good for this), as you have expended some of your power and worked out very particular sections of your acausal body. When it comes to more advanced sorcery as this, spiritual hygiene becomes especially important, in the same way that surgery is undertaken with the utmost cleanliness and regard for the extreme sensitivity of the human body.

After having separated the energy ball from your body, for those of you who are proficient in energy manipulation, you can continue to load it with planetary energy directly from the spheres for maximum power. This will have to be done outdoors, when the planet to be utilized is visible in the night sky. Select an area with minimal light pollution for this. It’s also best to draw planetary energy during a New Moon, not because of any significant energies that may be accessed during that time, but simply because the stars and planets will be most visible. Visualize a stream of energy slowly flowing down from the planet and descending into the energy ball, loading it with raw celestial power as it grows in size and power. Continue this visualization for at least 20 minutes. Know that the entity manufactured during this process will be exceptionally powerful and as such you must possess a powerful will so as to not be overpowered by what you create.

The best (currently known) means of dispatching entities produced by these means is in the traditional chaos magick manner of servitor creation. In this case, it’s best to give the entity produced a name, give it a clear directive, and send it off to do its task (this should be clearly visualized). The charge given to a servitor may run along the lines of ‘I name you ______! I give you life! Now go! Kill _____! Destroy them! And bring their soul to me!’ When it completes its task and returns to you, there is still the matter of the servitor’s fate to be dealt with. There is the option of tracing/visualizing a point-down Septagram in the servitor’s direction, thus ‘banishing’ it. Those of a vampyric bent may be inclined to devour it. For more powerful servitors–particularly ‘astral assassins’ created solely for the purpose of culling human dross–one may opt to keep it alive and program it to follow the sorcerer at all times and faithfully protect and serve then. One could even create an astral sex slave to fulfill the sorcerer’s wildest fantasies.