Notes on Revolutionary Spiritualism


The term ‘Aryan’ describes an individual of the Western Race who has given himself to the lifelong pursuit of Knowledge and Power. Each White Brother or Sister has within themselves the Divine Spark, but it is the Aryan who has used it to set his or her soul aflame. The Aryan, in his unending quest for spiritual ascension, becomes a new archetype, the spiritual warrior, which is to be the phenotype for a new species, Homo galactica. The germination of this level attainment does not come until one’s 40s and the step into actual immortality does not begin until after one’s causal death.

Hebdomadry is a form of left-handed attainment with unique forms of ego-dissolving practices intended to bring about this development towards lapis philosophicus as quickly as possible. Although a lifelong process, if followed all the way through to the end the path ends in Immortality, as explicated in the Sevenfold Way.

In addition to following a clearly articulated traditional path one must also cultivate a certain individual character of nobility, curiosity, and conquest that goes beyond anything that can be written in any book or explicated by any master. This is a certain awareness of both the Numinous as well as the Sinister and the living unity-beyond-both that becomes manifest in one’s deeds and everyday living. This unique and noble character is unspoken except through one’s actions, one’s eyes, one’s elegance and grace, but it is a uniqueness, a sinister weirdness, that has and ultimitely needs no words to express or explain it.

The code of living conductive to the cultivation of this unique character is explicated in the fourfold system of Aryan Wellness in its four aspects, which are thus:

1) Physical – Always prepared to defend one’s folk, property, and self, if necessary using lethal force–this includes always carrying a deadly weapon and being skilled in martial arts, including being able to disarm and kill enemies with one’s own bare hands; exercises every day; eats healthy and avoids poisonous, mass-produced, or genetically modified foods; doesn’t do hard drugs or drink alcohol;
2) Emotional – Positive self image; accepts one’s self; experiences love, compassion, empathy, sorrow, fear, wonder, the full range of human emotion; not given to overt displays of emotion except to those who are trusted; humble and both realistic and optimistic about one’s own limitations;
3) Mental – Reads every day; able to accurately analyze others and determine character, intentions, weaknesses, and needs quickly; able to perceive themselves realistically; skeptical and subjects all information presented to scrutiny and investigation before accepting it as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; explores different possibilities and able to think outside the box;
4) Spiritual – Racial pride; respect for Nature; observation of numinous rites and customs; livelong commitment to spiritual evoltion; keeps a dream journal; meditates and prays every day; honors the ancestors; practices regular acts of charity and random acts of kindness; able to forgive and forget; understanding and compassion for the poor, weak, and disenfranchised.

Also central to the system of hebdomadry is left-handed attainment, which is fundamentally heterodox and antinomian–meaning it is not only ever-changing and ever-evolving according to the personal spiritual development of each individual seeker, but deeply against the status quo, oftentimes involving immoral, dangerous, and illegal acts. This includes human sacrifice, the creation of isolated esoteric communities deep in the rural countryside, spending three months in isolation in the wilderness without any technology or luxuries, and ritual suicide. In addition to this the goals of hebdomadry, both immediate and long-term, are difficult to comprehend and vast in scope, and part of the purpose of one’s spiritual training is to be able to undertake the necessary works of sorcery–far too difficult and extreme for most–to realize these goals. In this sense hebdomadry is the blackest of all black magick.

The reconciliation of the Sinister and the Numinous via the alchemical processes of hebdomadry (particularly the Sevenfold Way and Pathei Mathos) produces a new type of individual, a higher spiritual being, who has the power to influence the long term fate–the Wyrd–of an entire civilization, and potentially the entire human species. The ultimate long term goal of this alchemical process is to produce Falcifer, the esoteric nexion–either an individual or a group of individuals and the land upon which they live–which will bring about Vindex, the esoteric nexion–a single individual–who will overthrow the Magian (i.e., capitalism, liberalism, and international jewry) and restore balance to the Wyrd of mankind, which will result in the birth of Imperium. Imperium will spearhead mankind’s ascent towards the stars, beginning with the colonization of terrestrial planets and mining of their moons for resources with which to build them.

To be sure, Falcifer will be one of the most skilled Adepts or a group of the most skilled Adepts seeking to produce an individual via the chthonic form of the Nine Angles Rite with the sacrificial conclusion–channelling the energies unearthed into the Wyrd of a specific individual–this perhaps being the ultimate act of Sinister Alchemy. The energies unearthed from the rite will be drawn from a star gate near Algol, the bloodiest and most violent of fixed stars whose energies are associated with violence, revolution, and disruption on a national and even international level. An attempt by the unprepared or inexperienced to draw upon these sinister energies will almost certainly result in permenant loss of sanity, yet if attempted by those who are ready for it it can be used to bring about precisely the type of change our world needs–a strong, divinely-inspired and guided revolutionary who will fearlessly and single-mindedly devote themselves and every last bit of their Being towards the overthrow of the Magian and the establishment of a global fascist Imperium.