Banishing Ritual of the Swastika

This exercise is best done outdoors, preluded with charging the aura through drawing energy from the Sun for a few minutes. As usual it is desirable to enter a trance beforehand, the deeper the better.

Begin by visualizing a swastika in front of you–its color is spotless white, shining brilliantly. Now intone ‘KAAAAAAUUUUUUNNNNNN’. Now visualize one behind you, then intone ‘AAAAAANNNNNSUUUUUZZZZZZ’. Now visualize one to the right of you, then intone ‘OOOOOTHHHHHAAAAAALLLLL”. Now visualize one to the left of you, then intone ‘SAAAAAUUUUUUIIIIIIILLLLL’. All of these swastikas should be the same pure white color. Now visualize them all glowing with radiant golden rays like sunlight. Begin to envision them scircling around you sunwise. With each exhalation, they spin faster and faster; continue doing this until they meld together to form a blinding white bubble of energy glowing with golden light, creating an astral shield protecting you from any and all undesirable influences. If you are so inclined, you can further energize this astral barrier by chanting the rune ‘Algiz’ several times, the sonic vibrations sending ripples of energy through the aura around you.