The Pokemagus

As I write this I assume that the reader is not an occultist but a fan of pokemon or perhaps just a curious reader, thus I’ve aimed to make this as de-mystified and pragmatic as possible, sparing you of all occult frittery and getting down to the ‘how tos’ of summoning pokemon. I personally do not like pokemon but its mythos translates quite well into a fun, simple, but effective occult praxis. But is this to be taken seriously? Like the world and everything in it, this tract is every bit as much of a joke as it is a reality. So if you actually apply it over a period of time and you happen to resonate strongly with the pokemon mythos, then there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you. Or maybe there is, sometimes people just can’t do magick–usually because they simply do not believe in it, and one cannot develop faculties they do not believe in. When it comes to magick and mysticism you get out of it what you put into it, so I’ll let you figure that out.

Speaking in terms of the chaos magick ethos, the ‘summoning’ and ‘training’ of pokemon for actual magickal purposes amounts more or less to the creation of an elemental/thoughtform/tulpa which may or may not be sustained and trained over time as a sort of familiar to the sorcerer (who we shall heretofore call the pokemage–yeah, I know, lame as fuck, please forgive me). The power and effectiveness of these elementals depends on the ability of the pokemage to ‘breathe life’ into the thoughtform so that it may be animated and charged with the necessary power to accomplish its task.

A pokemon is trained–that is, it is made more powerful, more sentient–via repeated summonings undertaken over a long period of time. As time goes on the pokemage may begin to feel its presence at all times, communicate with it telepathically, see it in dreams, or even see it as if it were physically there. All of this comes with time and training and although intense it may not necessarily be desirable to have an exceptionally powerful or intelligent pokemon. It all depends on the ability and will of the pokemage, and it is likely that only those who feel a powerful connection with the pokemon mythos will be able to control extremely developed pokemon.

The main magickal object used by the pokemage is the pokemon card, to which the mage binds the energies created in the initial summoning which are to become the spirit of the pokemon. That is, it becomes a ‘home’ of sorts wherein the energies of the pokemon reside. Because of this it must be kept in some kind of protective sleeve which is kept in a safe place where it will not be touched or seen by plebs.

For maximum power, the pokemage may wish to undertake a 24 hour fast before the summoning, during which they gather about themselves occult energies. This ought to be a period of ‘down time’ during which, while abstaining from food or drink (except water), the pokemage surrounds himself with both pokemon and occult paraphernalia, doing things like playing pokemon (either the card game or the video game will do–a mix of both is ideal), meditating, watching pokemon, etc… One may even go so far as to dress as, say, Ash Ketchum (and this sort of regalia is certainly recommended for the actual ritual itself) and live and think and act as an actual pokemon trainer would, regardless of how absolutely ridiculous this would cause one to look. This sort of method acting can produce powerful results as it immerses the mind totally in the role of a Pokemon Master, drawing forth powerful archetypal energies which seduce the psyche into the magickal state of consciousness that is all too crucial for working the most powerful types of sorcery. Right before undertaking a summoning, the pokemage may wish to take a ritual bath, after which they don the ritual regalia and commence to undertake the working.

The only two impliments required for summoning a pokemon are a pokeball and the appropriate card. The pokeball is placed in the center of a small shrine, open with the pokemon card placed within it, facing the pokemage. The pokemage enters a trance (preferably via self-hypnosis) and then begins by saying, “___________, I choose you!”, then visualizing the pokemon appear before him while chanting its name slowly and repeatedly. The pokemage continues this until he feels the pokemon’s presence, after which he instructs it in its task and visualizes it going off and accomplishing it. After completing this the pokemage says, “It is done” and visualizes the pokemon being sucked back into its card. After undertaking a working the pokemage should write down their experiences as soon as possible and then spend at least half an hour relaxing, not thinking about the success of the working.

The method recommended for preliminary self-hypnosis is simple and takes only about 3 minutes to perform. Gaze into a candle and enter a trance state. Say to yourself out loud, ‘As I count to ten my eyes will be drawn to the candle, unable to leave it.’ Then count to ten. If this works, wait a while and then say to yourself out loud, ‘As I count to ten, all of my psychic centers will open up.’ Then count to ten. It seems all sorts of ‘pseudoscience’ comes within the range of human experience after that–visioning, scrying, invocation, you name it

When planning a summoning, a suitable locale should be chosen. The area selected should be appropriate to the type of pokemon summoned; for instance, for grass or bug, in a forest; for water, near a body of water; for fire, around a bonfire; for rock, inside a cave; for ghost, in a graveyard or haunted area; for poison, in an abandoned, dilapidated building in a seedy part of town; for psychic, in an indoor temple; and so on and so forth. Before the actual summoning takes place, it is suggested that the pokemage spend at least a quarter of an hour meditating in the chosen locale, basking in and drawing into themselves its energies so that they are energized by forces which are in sympathy to the type of being to be summoned. This also serves to imbue the pokemon summoned with energies that are conductive towards its task. Conversely, you would not want to invoke a fire type pokemon near a body of water, nor would you want to invoke a grass type pokemon near a bonfire.

It is most likely that the pokemage will feel most drawn toward a particular type of pokemon, and it is to be expected that there will be one or two in particular to which they feel most drawn. This may amount more or less to an all-purpose guardian spirit; it could even be said that the pokemon to which one feels most drawn and inspired by amounts more or less to a type of spirit animal, a magickal familiar.