Enantiodromia Meditation

No word of warning will be given here; all that I will say is that this meditation is exceptionally powerful and its effects are by no means subtle or gentle.

The basic skills required in this meditation are acausal empathy, magickal chant, and visualization. All of the chakras should be fully functioning and balanced, and the kundalini serpent should be completely ascended. It is to be performed every Full and New Moon.

The mechanics of this meditation are rather interesting. Simply put, it produces a reciprocal connexion and exchange of energy between the masculine aspect of the soul (the bottom three chakras) and the feminine aspect (the top three chakras), with the neuter heart chakra acting as a connector, a bridge, between the two aspects. The energy of the upper chakras vibrated into the heart chakra from above thus connect and transfer to the lower chakras, then the energy from the lower ones vibrated into the heart chakra will then connect and transfer to the upper ones.

The sole necessary material item is, of course, a quartz tetrahdron at least 2″ tall, as well as mala japas with 27 beads–these are best when made of quartz, although it isn’t really a necessity. One may choose to employ other ritual implements if they wish to create further points of sympathy with the forces called forth. That being said, the main energies presenced in this working are the spheres of Sol and Luna, so, for example, if you were to use incense, a combination of cinnamon and opium would be fitting, and then of course the best candle colors to use would be a combination of gold and silver. Also know that the sphere of Venus plays a role in this working as well, as it relates to the heart chakra, so you may want to represent this in your setup if you wish to do the meditation in a ritual setting.


sun moon


The Meditation

Mark the beginning of the working by conjuring the Elements.

Now for the opening invocation of the powers accessed in this meditation. Chant “Agios Olenos”, then vibrate “NOX” thirteen times, then chant the Diabolus three times, then chant “Agios Kabeiri”, then vibrate “LUX” thirteen times. Conclude the opening invocation by vibrating “BINAN ATH, GA WATH AM” nine times. Visualize the sigil of Satanas throughout this entire part of the meditation.

Once you finish the opening invocation you might want to just sit for a few minutes, relax, feel the energies presenced, and perhaps enter a trance (as usual, the deeper the better).

Vibrate “THAUNG” twice into the the chakras:

THHH into the crown chakra
AAA into the brow chakra
UUU into the throat chakra
NGGG into the heart chakra
THHH into the heart chakra
AAA into the solar chakra
UUU into the sacral chakra
NGGG into the root chakra
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “IO” into the aura:
III into the right hemisphere
OOO into the left hemisphere
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “RAUNG” twice into the chakras:
RRR into the root chakra
AAA into the sacral chakra
UUU into the solar chakra
NGGG into the heart chakra
RRR into the heart chakra
AAA into the throat chakra
UUU into the brow chakra
NGGG into the crown chakra
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “EA” into the body:
EEE into the front of your body
AAA into your entire spine
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “SHUKRAYA” into the heart chakra 27 times.


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