A hex

This hex is quite powerful, so do not use it on anyone you’re not willing to see die (they may not necessarily perish, but there are certainly plenty of things worse than death).

Materials required include a lemon, a knife, a square of paper, a pen, 50 clean pins, a pitch black jar, vinegar, black coffee, piss, and a magical oil called Precipitado Rojo. You will also need to find an appropriate location–a bridge over a flowing river.

Cut the lemon in half. Place a square of paper containing the target’s FULL NAME–or, better yet, their own signature–on the flat end of one of the lemon halves. Put five drops of Precipitado Rojo onto the paper, then cover it up with the other lemon half. Keep the two halves together by pushing the 50 pins through the lemon in the form of a cross. Now place the lemon in a pitch black jar containing an equal mixture of vinegar, black coffee, and piss, then seal the jar tight. Toss the jar from a tall bridge into a flowing river. The hex begins to do its work as soon as it touches the water.


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