Heaven and Earth Meditation

This is a simple elemental meditation intended to bring about a balanced flow of energy, stimulate and empower the chakras, and enhance one’s connection to the powers of Nature. As such, it is best done in an elemental location (glades, hilltops, caves, the countryside, any private and isolated natural setting), although anywhere outdoors will work so long as you sit in the grass and out in the sunlight or moonlight. I’ve found that doing this meditation fully nude gives a noticeable power boost, although privacy and temperature do not always allow for this. Marijuana also adds to the power of the experience. A grid of crystals, as usual, is recommended. The incense appropriate to this working is sandalwood.


heaven and earth



Begin by vibrating AAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZ 12 times (this step is optional, but can be quite helpful for those who are less advanced).

Inhale slowly and deeply. As you breathe in, draw black energy up from the Earth into the root chakra and on up through the remaining chakras, all the way to the crown.

Now exhale slowly. As you breathe out, draw white energy from above into the crown chakra and on down through the remaining ones, all the way to the root.

Repeat however many times you see fit.

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