The psychic centers for seeing (clairvoyance) and hearing (clairaudience)

Ear chakras   The “psychic ears”.

Eye chakras 2

Eye chakras

The “psychic eyes”.

Focus on each individual chakra, one at a time. Visualize them as little white stars, like miniature suns. As you inhale, absorb white energy into the chakra. As you exhale, vibrate “AGIOS” or “ANSUZ” while visualizing the chakra growing. Repeat 9 times per chakra.

Repeat at least once a day for 60 days in order to develop rudimentary psychic faculties–for instance, as in clairvoyance, seeing auras and shamanic visioning; as in clairaudience, reading thoughts and hearing “astral music”.

Enantiodromia Meditation

No word of warning will be given here; all that I will say is that this meditation is exceptionally powerful and its effects are by no means subtle or gentle.

The basic skills required in this meditation are acausal empathy, magickal chant, and visualization. All of the chakras should be fully functioning and balanced, and the kundalini serpent should be completely ascended. It is to be performed every Full and New Moon.

The mechanics of this meditation are rather interesting. Simply put, it produces a reciprocal connexion and exchange of energy between the masculine aspect of the soul (the bottom three chakras) and the feminine aspect (the top three chakras), with the neuter heart chakra acting as a connector, a bridge, between the two aspects. The energy of the upper chakras vibrated into the heart chakra from above thus connect and transfer to the lower chakras, then the energy from the lower ones vibrated into the heart chakra will then connect and transfer to the upper ones.

The sole necessary material item is, of course, a quartz tetrahdron at least 2″ tall, as well as mala japas with 27 beads–these are best when made of quartz, although it isn’t really a necessity. One may choose to employ other ritual implements if they wish to create further points of sympathy with the forces called forth. That being said, the main energies presenced in this working are the spheres of Sol and Luna, so, for example, if you were to use incense, a combination of cinnamon and opium would be fitting, and then of course the best candle colors to use would be a combination of gold and silver. Also know that the sphere of Venus plays a role in this working as well, as it relates to the heart chakra, so you may want to represent this in your setup if you wish to do the meditation in a ritual setting.


sun moon


The Meditation

Mark the beginning of the working by conjuring the Elements.

Now for the opening invocation of the powers accessed in this meditation. Chant “Agios Olenos”, then vibrate “NOX” thirteen times, then chant the Diabolus three times, then chant “Agios Kabeiri”, then vibrate “LUX” thirteen times. Conclude the opening invocation by vibrating “BINAN ATH, GA WATH AM” nine times. Visualize the sigil of Satanas throughout this entire part of the meditation.

Once you finish the opening invocation you might want to just sit for a few minutes, relax, feel the energies presenced, and perhaps enter a trance (as usual, the deeper the better).

Vibrate “THAUNG” twice into the the chakras:

THHH into the crown chakra
AAA into the brow chakra
UUU into the throat chakra
NGGG into the heart chakra
THHH into the heart chakra
AAA into the solar chakra
UUU into the sacral chakra
NGGG into the root chakra
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “IO” into the aura:
III into the right hemisphere
OOO into the left hemisphere
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “RAUNG” twice into the chakras:
RRR into the root chakra
AAA into the sacral chakra
UUU into the solar chakra
NGGG into the heart chakra
RRR into the heart chakra
AAA into the throat chakra
UUU into the brow chakra
NGGG into the crown chakra
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “EA” into the body:
EEE into the front of your body
AAA into your entire spine
Repeat 54 times.

Vibrate “SHUKRAYA” into the heart chakra 27 times.

A hex

This hex is quite powerful, so do not use it on anyone you’re not willing to see die (they may not necessarily perish, but there are certainly plenty of things worse than death).

Materials required include a lemon, a knife, a square of paper, a pen, 50 clean pins, a pitch black jar, vinegar, black coffee, piss, and a magical oil called Precipitado Rojo. You will also need to find an appropriate location–a bridge over a flowing river.

Cut the lemon in half. Place a square of paper containing the target’s FULL NAME–or, better yet, their own signature–on the flat end of one of the lemon halves. Put five drops of Precipitado Rojo onto the paper, then cover it up with the other lemon half. Keep the two halves together by pushing the 50 pins through the lemon in the form of a cross. Now place the lemon in a pitch black jar containing an equal mixture of vinegar, black coffee, and piss, then seal the jar tight. Toss the jar from a tall bridge into a flowing river. The hex begins to do its work as soon as it touches the water.

Notes on Lebensraum

As I have mentioned before, the acquisition of Lebensraum is perhaps the most important immediate objective of the Aryan Aeonic Agenda. It is also among the most difficult ones, requiring considerable amounts of money, manpower, resources, and planning. Yet if our Aryan Folk are to break free from the fetters of magian society and start a new tribal-based way of life that is genuinely numinous and truly capable of presencing the acausal on an aeonic scale, then we must take this objective very seriously and regularly make sacrifices in order to see it materialize. We will be able to distinguish between those who are genuine revolutionaries and those who are mere pretenders largely by how seriously they take the acquisition of Lebensraum and the extent of their efforts toward the practical realization of that end. Understand–there can be no tribe without Lebensraum.

The Aryan Aeonic Agenda may be viewed as a prolonged and highly complex (yet profoundly simple) meta-ritual, and the Lebensraum is the designated location for the vast majority of the performance of that ritual–it is the mystical center, the spiritual core, the beating heart which delivers life-giving blood to the body of the Aryan Resurrection. It is an aeonic forcefield of sorts, where our tribal tradition can be maintained without outside memetic disruption. Yet it is also a matter of practicality, not just spirituality; our tribes, in order to flourish safely outside the confines of magian society and secure a long-term, aeonic existence that is sustainable and reliable, must take to the countryside, the forests, whatever segments of land that have gone untouched and undefiled by the activity of mundanes and where Natural Law still reigns supreme. We must break completely free from the cities, from the cycles of wage slavery and usury, from dependence on money, from dependence on government in any form–we must break completely free from all these abstractions, from any mundane abstractions whatsoever, so as to be able to manifest a way of life that is numinous and in touch with the acausal. In essence, we must turn away from all of that which is unnatural and return to an existence that is truly natural, that we may ascend toward the supernatural.

The mystical relationship between Blut und Boden–blood and soil–is a reciprocal one: the tribe breathes life into the aeonic potential of the land, just as the land does the very same for the tribe. They empower and uplift each other. It must be understood that the connection between a Folk and their land–Blut und Boden–is an inherently mystical one. The spirit of a numinous tribe is bound with the very soil upon which they live and from which they derive their livelihood. However all members of the tribe must be conscious and respectful of the numinous; they must have an awareness of the acausal, of the spirits of nature, and honor the sacred traditions upheld by our Aryan Tribes as a way of connecting to the world of spirit and bringing about enhanced spiritual evolution, both individual and aeonic. Thus, esoterically speaking, the main purpose of acquiring Lebensraum is to establish a spiritual presence, an esoteric community, within a particular area, and to eventually open up a permenant physical nexion in that area.

The Lebensraum shall be occupied solely by members and allies of our Aryan Tribes, and one should only be able to enter our tribal territory by invitation. Its exact location should never be revealed except to those who have taken an oath of loyalty, who have been hazed/beaten in, and who have “put in work”–in other words, only those who have demonstrated immense dedication and loyalty to the Aryan Aeonic Agenda should know the whereabouts of our Lebensraum. Outsiders MAY, under certain circumstances, be permitted to enter our territory, but they should never be told the exact location or even the approximate location. Instead, they should be directed to meet at a certain location some distance away from the Lebensraum, then they are to be blindfolded and driven to the Lebensraum by a trusted comrade of the tribe–the drive should be at least 45 minutes long.

The mystical life of our Aryan Tribes revolves around the observance of certain numinous rites and customs at the Lebensraum–there are the Eight Yearly Fests, the New and Full Moon rituals, daily prayers and offerings to the ancestors and to the spirits of Nature, sacrificing those who have demonstrated themselves to be irredeemably rotten, following a numinous code of honor, respect, and reciprocity, and so on. The Lebensraum also acts as the setting for the Grade Ritual of the Internal Adept, the initiation into the inner-order of the tribe. Adherence to such traditions imbues the Land with the spirit of the Folk and their Ways, and imbues the Folk and their Ways with the spirit of the Land–there is thus a reciprocal, symbiotic, harmonious relationship between Blut und Boden, in stark contrast to how magian society and its participants act as a parasite unto Nature, taking without restraint from Gaea but never giving anything back.

The Eight Yearly Fests, the Full and New Moon rituals, and (most) ceremonial cullings are to take place within a single outdoors location at the Lebensraum–this location is to be selected according to the insight of those Adepts who establish the tribal community. This place, which I shall call the Great Nexus, will serve as the psychic center of the tribe, an inexhaustable spring of acausal energy to be drawn upon by our Aryan brothers and sisters. This location is to be the most powerful area in the entire Lebensraum and should be treated with the highest reverence and dignity. The traditional rites performed here are aeonic, geared toward opening up a new physical nexion capable of bringing about the Aeon of Fire. The energies raised by these rites are to be left to disperse naturally; they are not immediately directed by any forms or symbols. Yet they are not necessarily undirected either; rather, they spread all over the Lebensraum and are directed by the observance of the numinous tradition by all members of the tribe. The very lives and actions of those who make up the tribe are themselves the forms that direct the energies presenced by this aeonic nexion. Every Aryan is a living, breathing ritual; their lives are a perpetual act of genuine magick. This living magick is to be amplified by Great Nexus.

Although this single physical nexion is to be the most important source of acausal energy to the tribe, it is not necessarily the only one. Other physical nexions should be constructed as well, however the energy presenced by these are to be directed by some kind of form appropriate to its intent, unlike the Grand Nexus, whose rites are largely formless aside from the necessary techniques whereby a gate may be opened. There does not have to be a specific number of these lesser nexions, however I maintain that nine, at the very least, should be made, each one with its own purpose–one could be for protection, another could be for fertility, another for wealth, another for longevity, and so on.

The creation of new traditional rites and forms appropriate to these nexions is a massive goal yet to be fully realized, and to see it materialize will require much experimentation, creativity, and cooperation amongst those of our Kollective. Balobians shall be of particular usefulness here, as the creation of numinous performances capable of presencing the acausal is essentially an artistic (and, of course, spiritual) task. The participation of Balobians in the advancement of the Aryan Aeonic Agenda, especially in the creation of new traditional practices and the development of old ones, should not be underestimated–understand that the survival and vitality of our ways depends largely on the creative powers of those gifted with a natural artistic ability. Their creations shall be as lasting monuments to the glory and genius of our Aryan Race.

The establishment of a permanent tribal settlement aimed at opening up a gateway to the acausal and operating independently of magian society is one of the highest, most powerful forms of future magick currently possible. The gateway that is opened by the tribe’s united efforts is to one day bring forth, or contribute in great part to bringing forth, the coming of the New Aeon, the Galactic Imperium, and Homo Novis–a new age, a new society, and a new man.


Heaven and Earth Meditation

This is a simple elemental meditation intended to bring about a balanced flow of energy, stimulate and empower the chakras, and enhance one’s connection to the powers of Nature. As such, it is best done in an elemental location (glades, hilltops, caves, the countryside, any private and isolated natural setting), although anywhere outdoors will work so long as you sit in the grass and out in the sunlight or moonlight. I’ve found that doing this meditation fully nude gives a noticeable power boost, although privacy and temperature do not always allow for this. Marijuana also adds to the power of the experience. A grid of crystals, as usual, is recommended. The incense appropriate to this working is sandalwood.


heaven and earth



Begin by vibrating AAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZ 12 times (this step is optional, but can be quite helpful for those who are less advanced).

Inhale slowly and deeply. As you breathe in, draw black energy up from the Earth into the root chakra and on up through the remaining chakras, all the way to the crown.

Now exhale slowly. As you breathe out, draw white energy from above into the crown chakra and on down through the remaining ones, all the way to the root.

Repeat however many times you see fit.