First post…


I’m Kaos Butterfly and this is my blog (obviously) devoted the Left Hand Path, Order of Nine Angles, all things sinister and numinous, tips on sorcery, and anything else I deem relevant. I’m not trying to come up with anything big here–consider it an online journal for my musings, techniques, opinions, ambitions, and all sorts of other cool shit that you may or may not find worth reading. I imagine this will turn out more or less as an online book of shadows for me and others to look back on in the future. I’ll make some effort to post as much original content as possible, but of course I’ll have to occasionally include the obligatory regurgitated material that floods all ONA-affiliated websites. I’ve probably had at least a dozen blogs thus far that I never kept longer than a few months, but maybe this one will be the one that lasts… Yeah right. :p

I don’t have much to say at the moment so I guess I’ll leave it at that for now. Maybe I’ll do some more introductory shit later. We’ll see. Until then, I’m out.

-Kaos Butterfly



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